Pet Localized Cryotherapy

Our affection for our beloved pets runs deep, making it truly distressing when they undergo pain without the ability to communicate their discomfort. Utilizing Localized Cryotherapy as a method of pet healthcare can be a valuable approach, offering alleviation for various conditions like arthritis and joint injuries.

Pets experience many of the same cryotherapy benefits that we do, from pain relief to reduced swelling. Our gentle technicians will work to keep your pet at ease throughout the process. Keep your pet feeling and moving better with cryotherapy.

Please note that our studio currently only provides this service for pet dogs (all sizes welcome!) and will require the owner to be present during the session.

This service is currently by appointment only to ensure we provide the utmost comfort for your dog, you and our other wonderful clients!

The Zen Om Team does not diagnose disease nor practice veterinary medicine. Pet Localized Cryotherapy is a general wellness treatment that helps your fur babies feel better.

Discover the benefits of cryotherapy for your pet with a complimentary free session to see if it’s the right fit. Book your free session today!

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Joint pain relief
  • Circulation
  • Faster surgery and injury recovery
  • May help in easing anxiety
How Pet Locolized Cyrotherapy works?

Same way as the one for humans! Except, we do need you to accompany your fur baby for the entirety of the session.

Your dog will be placed on a comfy mat and misted with a cool air vapor for 10 minutes. If there is a specific body part that needs attention, please let the technician know so that they can target it.

Are you COVID compliant?

Yes, we have conducted complete COVID risk assessments, follow all the government guidelines, use the appropriate PPE and sanitize after each session.

Is this treatment a good fit for my dog?

If you are unsure due to your pets medical conditions, please consult with a licensed veterinarian before scheduling a treatment. Please note that the Zen Om Team does not diagnose disease nor practice veterinary medicine.

Have a healthy pet but feeling unsure if it’s the right fit? Schedule a free trial session!

How Pet Localized Cryotherapy works?

A fine mist of chilled air vapor is applied to the body for about 5-10 minutes.